The Alchemy Art Group (or Alchemy Art) was founded in January 2019 by Melanie Sayre and Sara Squires, originally starting as a fan group called the GW2 Artist Collective (est. Jan. 2018). 

As of 2021, we mainly work on our custom designs in enamel pins, showcases our love for various stories of the world. We run a pin club and sell on our store (found on this site), and do design work for private clients.

We have created and mailed over 50,000 individual pieces to almost all major countries in the world, and worked with 180 different artist and writers in larger collaboration. The pair also travel around the United States showing at conventions with independent pin and merch lines.


During our initial creative periods, we produced several books and some large scale projects, including Tyrian Tarot, the biggest crowdfunded tarot project at the time. All of our projects donated to charity - donating over $50,000 to charity in 14 months.

The company was formed to continue doing projects, but expanding our direction to independent and fresh places. We hope to continue to offer artists opportunities and grow our creative community, while also working to do what we love: bringing a smile in the little things.

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Our mission is to pursue excellence in all of our creative endeavors, but also to engage and communicate with the creative community.

We welcome anyone and everyone to apply to the group, and join the Discord! We aim to be a safe and constructive place for people to grow and chase their dreams.

Alchemy Art Group, LLC is wholly owned by Melanie Sayre and Sara Squires.