Non-Preorder Items:

  • Domestic items are shipped first class (with tracking) and are processed within 4 business days of being ordered so long as there are no issues with the order and the shop isn't on a hiatus.
  • International orders go out with the next large shipment (we subsidize costs internationally to offer cheaper rates, but we have to ship in batches as a result). Please check to make sure if our shop is on a hiatus, which delays orders until our return (usually we take a hiatus in between large cons or large releases so we can get enough orders at once to fulfill our quantity requirements with less wait times).
  • Currently we are ARE on a semi-shop hiatus due to the coronavirus situation. We are still keeping the store open, but please allow for a few extra days to get everything processed as we'll only be in-office about 1 or 2 days a week.

Preorder Items:

  • These items ship out 2-3 months after the close of preorders. Generally we aim to be faster than that if possible, but the timeline fluctuates based on when things arrive. Normally we will email once these items have projected final dates. At that time, we will allow for adjustments if anyone needs to change their shipping information.

    If you have any further questions, please email us! Thank you!