[Gems in our Flowers] April Birthflower - Auction Design
[Gems in our Flowers] April Birthflower - Auction Design
[Gems in our Flowers] April Birthflower - Auction Design

[Gems in our Flowers] April Birthflower - Auction Design

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This is the listing for the pin design auction for the birth flower, painted by Alchemy Art. 50% of the proceeds, after fees, will be donated to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) (https://www.aspca.org).

The third image is a reference to the style that the pin will come in - your pin will be a fully custom (new) design. It will feature daisies and/or sweet pea flowers.


  • The bidding for EACH pin design starts at $20 and goes up in increments of $5.
  • There will be an auto-win for the pin designs at $500. This can be placed at any time. The price is a reflection of our normal prices for designed pins (though, as noted, 50% will be going directly to charity). To do this, just set your bid to $500 and it will automatically close the auction.
  • The auctions will function like normal auctions - you can place ranges on what you’re willing to spend and have it auto-bid up to that amount in increments. 
  • 50% of the bidding price will go straight to the chosen charities! This will be processed once the winning bidders submit their information.
  • You obviously own your physical meows, but we retain the rights to the artwork and retain the ability to sell the pin with the set.
  • If you win the bid, we’ll add the pin to your pledge for free as well.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can anyone participate?
A: Due to the charity nature, yes, anyone can participate, in or out of patreon.

Q: Can someone win both bids?
A: No! However, we’ll offer the option of any winner to add a second meow to your pin for an additional 50% of the bid price. It will still be one pin, but the resulting pin would be slightly larger to accommodate two meows.

Q: Can I give feedback for the art process if I win?
A: We will show base pose concepts and semi-finals (before previews are released) to the winning bidder/commissioner, but this is for the purpose of checks on details (i.e., if the ear was supposed to be brown and we made it green) - it’s not meant to be a feedback process for these, unless we ask.  

We are aiming to be faithful to the likeness of your beloved friend, and will do our best to do it justice. Some conceptual changes may be added (highlighting colors, etc) to make it fit with the flower/gem and overall pin.

Q: Can I sell the art?
A: No, sorry! We retain the commercial rights to our pins. If you’d like, we can have it printed for you, though, at no extra cost, so long as the bid prices are above $100.

Q: Why did you choose these charities?
A: We wanted to feature animal societies focused on domesticated animals. These were ultimately the most common and vetted within the United States, so we picked two that came with the highest evaluations and aligned with our purposes.

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