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[Milky Way Companions] Dusk - Full Set - Preorder

[Milky Way Companions] Dusk - Full Set - Preorder

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The Milky Way Companion set - Dusk coloration. This complements the Milky Way collection (by us) and the Stories in the Stars collection by Venetia Easton. 

This set features 9 pins in total, with one deluxe koi pin and 8 filler small pins. The Midnight coloration is an OE set (ordered at 2x preorders, but will be restocked if we wish it). The Cool (Dusk) and Warm (Dawn) sets are LE, which will be ordered at 2x the preorders (but not restocked after in-hands sell out).

If you'd like further sets/colorations, please see the collection for more info.


Sizes & Features:

Koi - 3.5" tall, features 7 colors with pearl, 2 without pearl, 1 gold screenprint, silver plating, made of zinc metal

Small animals: 2 enamel colors each, .75 to .81"

Starry night filler pins (3): 1-2 enamel colors each, 1 screenprint, .65 to .75"


This is a preorder item(s) that will take between 4-5 months to arrive due to the complexity of the deluxe pin. Shipping adjustments, if necessary, should be communicated via email. The preorder period will be for 3 weeks (for public preorder), so it will extend from 4/13 to 5/4.

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