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November: Rapunzel

Be sure to nab yourself one of these pins, including a choice between the two variants! Each pledge comes with a pin & illustrated card to grow your Major Arcana deck.

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Poke-pals series

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path of wind collection

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original designs (pin club 2020)
myths from the world

Take home various myths from around the world, inspired by culture and history. Stretching from stories from here in the states to Japan to Egypt, celebrate our differences with a bit of wonder.

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Check out these various limited edition items - from notebooks, deskmats and more, we hope you like these additions!


Alchemy Art is 100% owned and operated by two artists who love creating items that show their passion for the inspiring things found in the world around them! Each design you see features a long process of concepting, illustrating, testing, and production, which creates a unique item we can offer you. We welcome you to reach out by email if you have questions at any time.