Available until all 'pals are rehomed from the Rocket event!

Alchemy Art Group
Poke-Pals Rocket Event Gacha

Poke-Pals Gacha Event

We've managed to rescue some friends from the Rockets!

With the Rocket event Gacha, we'll be adding in Poke-pal pulls, based on the super effective tactics we use to scare them off! Check on our status here on Instagram!

We'll continually update on these numbers whenever the original (or new) posts achieve milestones and these pins are rescued!

Pins will be drawn through stories on Instagram, so please feel free to drop your handle in the order notes and you'll be tagged with your draw! Get in on this little adventure. :D

Pulls are priced as follows:

$9 for one pull

$17 for two pulls

$32 for four pulls

We're excited to have some fun this holiday season! :D

Event on Instagram goes from 11/26 to 11/30, but the Gacha will remain up until all rescued Pokemon are homed!