Selections & Pricing

Selections & Pricing

Hello there, merch collector! You've come to the right place to fill your treasure chests.
The breakdown below shows our releases for 2019 and 2020. We're currently re-evaluating our release schedule for 2020 due to COVID. For discount codes and more, please add your name to our <a href="" style="font-size: inherit;"><b>mailing list</b></a>!</p>
<p>[Note: All releases will feature one or two of our artist members, while crowdfunding campaigns will likely feature more than four. Have a favorite artist? Stay tuned and <a href=""><u>check out our member roster</u></a>.]</p>


<b>Breakdown by Month</b>

<p><span style="font-size: 17px; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400;">2019</span>
<li>January 2019: Forming Alchemy Art Group</li>
<li>February 2019: <a href=""><u>The Essence of Red</u></a> [Kickstarter]</li>
<li>March 2019: Projects Announced</li>
<li>April 2019: Succulents Series [Standard Release] & Furies [Limited Release]</li>
<li>May 2019: Magic May [Standard Release] & Game of Thrones [Limited Release]</li>
<li>June 2019: <a href=""><u>Echoes of Thunder</u></a> (The Dragon Prince Art Anthology) [Indiegogo]</li>
<li>July 2019: Prep Month for Campaigns</li>
<li>August 2019: <a href=""><u>Tyrian Gazette</u></a> [Indiegogo]</li>
<li>September 2019: BnHA Myths [Standard Release], KyoAni Preorders [Limited Release]</li>
<li>October 2019: <a href=""><u>The Great Trainer Baking Adventure</u></a> [Limited Release]</li>
<li>November 2019: Holiday Sale</li>
<li>December 2019: Planning Month [2020]</li>



<p><span style="font-size: 17px; font-style: normal; font-weight: 400;">2020</span></p>
<li>January 2020: Starting our <a href=""><u>Patreon Pin Club</u></a>
<li>February 2020: Grim Reaper (Ghostboy Co. Commission Collab)</li>
<li>March 2020: Victory Road Fanbook [Postponed]</li>
<li>April 2020: Ghibli Mementos Part I: <a href=""><u>The Path of Wind</u></a> [Indiegogo]</li>
<li>May 2020: ACNH: Isabelle's Seasons Preorders [Limited Release]</li>
<li>June 2020: Celebrated 100+ Patrons [Pin Club]</li>
<li>July 2020: Shipping Campaign Orders</li>
<li>August 2020: Lebanon Mythology Charity Pins, The Cedar Jinn [Limited Release]</li>
<li>September 2020: Harry Potter Project</li>
<li>October 2020: Secret Themed Pin Line</li>
<li>November 2020: Announcement to Come</li>
<li>December 2020: Planning Month [2021]</li>
<p>Please note that Limited Releases are shared in the Alchemy Art mailing list. :D</p>


<b>Grading Information</b>

<p>There are three grades that we list items by. Enamel pins and small items are all graded by this scale. (Charms are only sold in A-Grades)</p>
<li>A Grades are standard grades. At most they will have very, very minor imperfections to the metal or small dust dots. </li>
<li>B Grades can have minor deformations to the metal, small discolorations, and general imperfections (not large). These will be denoted in the stock if they are released.</li>
<li>C Grades are generally large imperfections or chips out of the enamel/metal. We don't sell these unless there is a specific reason (dice are usually the only exception).</li>


<b>Pricing Information</b>

<p>Pins vary in price based on the metal we use, the size, hard or soft enamel, any specialty design elements and more. No pin is exactly the same in process, but there are things to expect:</p>
<li>Basic Hard Enamel Pins: $9-$11</li>
<li>Large Hard Enamel Pins (2") or Small Specialty Pins (1.5"-1.75"): $12-$14</li>
<li>Extra Large or Large Specialty Enamel: $15</li>
<li>Defective Pins: Vary depending on defects/original pricing.</li>
<p>Ordering in mass? Feel free to ask us about a group discount. There are also monthly discounts on our newsletter.</p>
<p><b>PLEASE NOTE:</b> Prices of old pins increase for every month they are "public". In preorders, they are discounted 10% off of list price, the first month after they are at the list price, and they increase over time or are taken down as con-only pins.</p>