Pin Club

Thank you for being interested in our pin club! Please click here to sign up for our Patreon! We're currently offering two lines, which you can check out below.

Mythological Pins

The Snowdrift Griffon is our adaption of the well-known mythological eagle/lion hybrid, taking on a new likeness featuring a snowy owl and an Asian leopard cat.⁠ Generally speaking, these creatures are fierce and loyal, providing a "military" strength - more than brute strength, they were intelligent and aware of how to use their power.⁠

Pokemon Baking Pins

This month's Pokemon Pin Club features the loyal Riolu! We're headed into the festive months with cookies and fun-loving friends! Despite being so hard to acquire this little guy in the games, it's thankfully easy to take him home for the holidays in his enamel pin form.