Preorder Items:

These items usually ship out usually 2-3 months after the close of preorders, though due to COVID some wait times have increased to 3-4 months. Generally we aim to be faster than that if possible, but the timeline fluctuates based on when things arrive. Things are also impacted by sampling and adjustments.

Normally we will email once these items have projected final dates. At that time, we will allow for adjustments if anyone needs to change their shipping information.

Current Preorder Updates:

Mischief Managed Preorders:

  • Currently: Arrived, Shipping (Full Bundles now remain)
  • Estimated shipping: Few stragglers in May




Guiding Will-o'Wisp Pin Club:

  • Currently: Secret Shop Drop, 5/19

White Wandering Will-o'-Wisp LE Pins:

  • Currently: Secret Shop Drop, 5/19

Glitter Wandering Will-o'-Wisp LE Pins:

  • Currently: Being remade due to manuf error
  • Estimated shipping: Late May 2021



Conniving Kelpie LE Pins:

  • Currently: Secret Shop Drop, 5/19

Impalcaple Kelpie LE Pins:

  • Currently: Being remade due to manuf error, 50% have been mailed out
  • Estimated shipping: Late May, Early June 2021



Snowdrift Griffon Pins:

  • Currently: Graded, currently backing!
  • Estimated shipping: Late May 2021

Star Cookie Riolu Pins:

  • Currently: Arrived, graded
  • Estimated shipping: Late May 2021



Canty Peryton (Both Variants) Pins:

  • Currently: Arrived, grading begun
  • Estimated shipping: Early June 2021

Rock Candy Jirachi Pins:

  • Currently: Arrived, grading begun
  • Estimated shipping: Early June 2021



Noragami Colored Pins:

  • Currently: In production
  • Estimated shipping: Late May 2021



Timelines that are not estimated yet due to the Chinese New Year: January & February + March 2021 Pin Club + Milky Way Releases, C&H LE Set