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[Fairy Tale] Puss in Boots Enamel Pin

[Fairy Tale] Puss in Boots Enamel Pin

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Our Fairy Tale series pin for June 2021

This is a deluxe pin with several screenprints. It comes on a custom backing card. It can be packed with the tarot card design, illustrated by Qesque and Sleepsunn, if you'd like to include it!

Pin Specs:

◈ Is hard enamel, made of zinc metal
◈ Measures 2.65" in its longest dimension
◈ Coated in a gold plating, with two pegs
◈ Comes with rubber backing pieces
◈ Comes with a custom backing card with a short framed "story" from the fairy tale


There are some versions of this pin that are "patched". What that means was that there was a slight bit of missing metal on the sides (not the fronts), which led us to manually patch them to make sure no issues could occur from those problem spots (from water, etc). These cannot be viewed from the front of the pin, but do vary in severity. Generally speaking with pins, when they do not impact the front design and are patched, we don't differentiate in grades, but there were enough in this sequence to separate the listings. This will only impact you if you intend on viewing the pin at an angle. -- This is only distinct in the standard and alpha tiers - betas have no difference (so don't pick a beta pin if you find this issue bothering)

Please note: Standard Grade pins have no major imperfections but some flaws may occur, such as slight marks no bigger than 3mm, small offsets in the screen prints, etc. They are not noticeable without a high beam light.

Secondary pins have defects that are noticeable without a light, including medium underfills, oxidation of the metal, noticeable scratches/smudges/miscolorations of the metal/enamel and so on. We designate these as "alphas" and "betas" which differentiate the grade of pin. 

Please note that we buy enough pins based off of how many pin club pledges exist, so often we do not have any standards left when they are introduced to the store. Often we will only see standard additions in the occurrence of a restock (which generally are fairly seldom).

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