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[Gems in our Flowers] Aquamarine - March Birthstone

[Gems in our Flowers] Aquamarine - March Birthstone

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The March birthstone. Designed by Venetia Jackson (ChocolateRaisinFury). This is the listing for Aquamarine.

Note: The small variation is more in line with the correct sizing for the full line, but if you’re ordering them alone, the large is fine!

Some FAQ notes for preorders exclusive to the Gems in our Flowers line:

  • If you purchase 2 or more separate preorder months with in-hand pins, the in-hands will be refunded. This is for stocking reasons and having to “hold” pins when more than one month is in an order; since they may come in at drastically different times, we can’t be holding onto in-hands for potentially extended durations. Please purchase in-hands separately if you plan to purchase more than 2 separate months.
    • Example: If you purchase two Gems (from January and February), along with 2 Ghibli pins, the Ghibli pins will be refunded to you.
    • NOTE: Gem/Flower from one month does not invalidate this rule. Only from different order periods.
  • If you purchase 1 preorder month with in-hands, the in-hands will be held until the preorder pin is available. Any pins within the same month count as one unit (so you can have both Gem/Flower and not invalidate this).
    • Example: Purchased 1 Gem, 1 Flower, 1 In-hand - the inhand(s) will be held until the respective month is available.
  • If you purchase 2 or more separate preorder months (any), they will be held until all preorder months are available in-hand.
    • Example: Purchased Gem (January) and Flower (March) - the package will be held until March is available.
  • Once the pin’s preorder period ends, it won’t be available until it is in-hand (as art will go into production and counts will be established).
    • January will be from Jan. 10 through Feb. 10; February will be from Jan. 10 to Feb 28 (with an art reveal in late January); March will be from Jan. 10 to March 30 (with an art reveal in late February).
  • Venetia will have preorders hosted on Etsy once in-hand! She is located in the UK. Prices will be identical for the in-hands, with small tolerances for currency conversions.

We hope that covers anything, but please ask away in Discord if you have questions! We will be finishing all 12 months for this series (a pair per month).

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