[US/Worldwide] Upgraded Shipping

[US/Worldwide] Upgraded Shipping

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For small domestic packages, we typically send them automatically with first class postage (which has tracking). This option rarely sees any problems, but we understand if you'd like to upgrade your package. This puts it into priority mail, which has faster shipping times (2-3 days), insured for the value of the package and with tracking to door.


For international shipments, our default for pins is to send them via standard parcel rates (which takes 2 weeks to a month typically, depending on the receiving location). While this does include shipping tracked to our border and entry into the destination country, this CAN end once it's handed to the local post. If you'd like your package upgraded to include better tracking, insurance and faster speed times, add this listing to your order.


If you ordered any of the following, we've already adjusted the pricing to include upgraded shipping. (Or if it is a qualification, we automatically adjust these when generating the labels.)

  • Echoes of Thunder books: International are insured
  • Pin packages (6 pins or $75 in value): These are upgraded to priority packaging on our dime

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Hi there! This is just some information on current shipping situations. Especially due to COVID complications, we felt this necessary.

When the store is on SEMI-HIATUS, shipments will go out as we're able. This can take up to a MONTH just because these hiatuses are usually due to being out of state (and having buildup happen when out).

Domestic shipments are ongoing on a bi-weekly basis (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays), with additional dropoffs on other days as the schedule necessitates. That said, if you order something on a Friday, please note that the earliest it will go out is Monday as the post office is closed on Sundays (and a portion of Saturday).

There are some reported interruptions of service for domestic shipments, so please keep this in mind that it may inpact how quickly you get your products. Please allow for up to three weeks for full delivery, but feel free to contact us at any time if you're concerned.

International shipments via DHL are ongoing on a two-week basis. We ship out in bulk shipments to keep prices low for all customers, especially those in outerlying countries. Because of this, we cannot ship more frequently than this. If you require something to be rushed faster than this, you can contact us directly to potentially use a different service at a higher price or email to inquiry when the next shipment date will be.

Please remember that customs are the responsibility of the recipient. You always get shipping tracking when ordering with us (domestically or internationally) so just please just make sure to watch your packages. If payments are originally made through Patreon/Etsy/a platform that remits taxes, it is the responsibility of the addressee to provide proof to their governing customs department that appropriate taxes have already been paid (if any mishaps occur and they request billing). We cannot and will not pay these for you. 

Please email if you have any further questions on shipping!

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