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[Milky Way Collection] Icy Titania Enamel Pin

[Milky Way Collection] Icy Titania Enamel Pin

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This Icy Titania pin is part of June's Milky Way Collection. There are 2 designs for every month, where one has two variants (of which one is a special Patreon variant). For June, we are featuring the Uranus (Wintry Uranus as the variant) and its moon, Titania. THIS IS THE LE DESIGN - it is a Patreon exclusive, limited to 50 ct.


☆ Measures 1.2" in its longest dimension
☆ Is hard enamel, made of zinc metal
☆ Coated in silver plating, with two pegs
☆ Comes with rubber backing pieces
☆ 4 colors, with 2 screenprints

Please note: Due to how preorders work, we do not offer Collector's Grade pins.

  • Standard Grade pins have no major imperfections but some flaws may occur, such as slight marks no bigger than 3mm, small offsets in the screen prints, etc. They are usually not noticeable without a high beam light.
  • Secondary pins have defects that are noticeable without a light, including medium underfills, oxidation of the metal, noticeable scratches/smudges/miscolorations of the metal/enamel and so on. We do not sell pins with flaws we view as "damaging" the design (we consider these "defect" grades).

This is a PREORDER which means it will take 3-4 months to get it in hand
. Please keep this in mind when ordering. If ordered with other in-hand pins, they WILL be held until these come in.

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