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[Mythology] Wandering Will-o'-Wisp [LE Dark]

[Mythology] Wandering Will-o'-Wisp [LE Dark]

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Patreon's October Mythology Pin Club offshoot pin (an addition to the Myths series). This series presents pins that are larger than our average sized pins by about an inch, and each one comes with an informational card that provides some insight into the creatures we've chosen.

This was actually a mistake on the manufacturer's part and they didn't include the glitter element, so it actually looks like a different pin. It glows pretty brightly, but has no glitter touches. These are numbered pins.

This deluxe DARK Wandering Will-o'Wisp pin features:

◈ A custom backing card
◈ An informational card
◈ Is hard enamel, made of zinc metal
◈ Measures 2.65" in its longest dimension
◈ Coated in a silver plating, with two pegs
◈ Comes with rubber backing pieces
◈ 4 colors, with blue & white screen prints and glows-in-the-dark
◈ Hanging 0.6” lantern with 2 colors that comes attached to the pin

Please note:

We do not offer Collector's Grade pins. Standard Grade pins have no major imperfections but some flaws may occur, such as slight marks no bigger than 3mm, small offsets in the screen prints, etc. They are not noticeable without a high beam light. Secondary pins have defects that are noticeable without a light, including medium underfills, oxidation of the metal, noticeable scratches/smudges/miscolorations of the metal/enamel and so on. We do not sell pins with flaws we view as "damaging" the design. 

These are split into "Alpha" and "Beta" pins, where alphas have only very light imperfections and betas have noticeable but not anything that would rank the pin as a "C" grade.

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