[Shipping] Custom-Designed Box

[Shipping] Custom-Designed Box

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This is the custom box design featuring the words 100% Pintastic on the cover. Large orders over $150 come with either the small or large variant automatically (so long as the items fit), but you can request a box as well if it's a smaller order, whether for yourself or as a gift, or the latter, if you're worried branding may cause targeted theft.

Please note, there are three options for this. In the first, the box is the shipping mailer (so there will be tape and a shipping label on the reverse side of the print. In the latter two, the box will be wrapped in a polymailer so no stickers are put on the box itself. In the one denoted as a gift, the packing label will be excluded as well.

NOTE: This box may fluctuate in availability; we'll do our best to keep this listing updated (generally we will always have a few available).

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